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Audio-Visual experiments

Crystal mountains
Oscillating Vanishing points
Shadow sun
Reactive triangle

What are these?

Simply put these are Procedurally generated visuals graphics meaning part of their movements are automated algorithmically instead of manually, typically through a combination of human-generated assets and algorithms coupled with computer-generated randomness.

Some of them are also Audio-reactive where the audio track becomes the source of data for the algorithm, from which visual graphics takes their shape and movement.

Influence and inspiration as to why these exist

Being a musician, one must constantly make new material, explore new techniques, and incorporate new genres. The list goes on. But to be consistent with this workflow and routine, it's always best to be inspired by something intrinsically. For me, it's visual graphics. I have always been a visual musician. If I want to make something moody, I will immediately look for black and white photography or something with a similar vibe. I almost always load up an image or video whenever I compose music. Having a visual standpoint when writing music helps me decide on a definitive direction on where to take the song further.

Now having this kind of relationship between visuals and sound, I got intrigued to make my own graphics, but the process here is different. Since I make procedural animations, I don't have control over the end result. This intrigued me even more because not having a concrete idea of what you wanna make and letting the algorithm be your brain is something close to a euphoric experience.

TA-YA X Francoise Gamma

While I'm on this journey of trying to marry visuals and sound, I constantly stumble upon great visual artists. One such artist is 'Fracoise gamma.'

Francoise gamma is a Mocap artist who uses human movements to make some one of kind animations on the Internet. As a big fan, I have collaborated with him on many projects like 'YAGAM' and 'Chaplin's Kinect', to name a few. It has always been a fun experience composing and designing sounds for Franc's Visuals.

You can find more about Francoise Gamma here. Also, don't forget to catch him on Instagram and Twitter because he always teases a lot of new and upcoming material there.