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I'm Aswin, an Electronic musician and Sound-designer who goes by the stage name TA-YA

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A little bit more about who I am and what I do,

Well, to start things off, I'm a 24-year-old Electronic music artist and sound designer based in India. My field of expertise is composing music and designing sounds and special effects for visual media, which include AD-Films, Films, Games, and Abstract Visual art. 

Here is a quick Demo-Reel for you to get an idea of what I sound like, 

Demo-Reel [2022]
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You can view all of the showcased material individually in my portfolio and in

audio-visual category.


I'm also a Visual graphic artist. I utilize procedural algorithms to make abstract generative visual art like the one that you can see behind right now. Later I design sounds for them and add my music to give the end-user a complete audio-visual experience.

You can learn more about this and preview all of my audio-visual artworks in the audio-visual category.


Like what you heard and seen so far? Interested in getting to know more about me?

Feel free to follow me on Social-media where I constantly post new material.

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Got any Queries?


Are you thinking about working with me? 

Feel free and come say 'hi.'

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